How to Start

Important Reminders Before You Proceed:

Keep in mind that finding a home-based or online job, and finding a regular office job, is basically the same. For both instances, you must…

  • have the skills and qualities that an employer is looking for;
  • know how to follow application procedures; and
  • be patient to apply again and again until you get accepted.

The thing that’s nice about online jobs is the convenience of the application process. In most cases – you are not required to commute and apply personally. ūüôā

Another plus factor of online jobs is that Рrequirements are less discriminatory.  Companies or employers will hire you Рregardless of your educational background, age, looks, civil status, physical or health condition Рthey only need to make sure that you can get the job done.

So are you ready? ūüôā Let’s get you started with the following steps:

  1. Assess yourself and your situation.
  2. Create basic online accounts.
  3. Prepare your resume and government-issued ID.
  4. Search for home-based jobs.
  5. Apply! Start working. ^_^

Step #1. Assess Yourself and Your Situation

Here are some of the things that you should consider while doing your assessment:

1. Time¬†– Your availability – are you going to work full time or part time? If you’re aiming for a full-time income then get ready to work full time. (OR learn lucrative skills that will help you earn a full-time income while working on a part-time basis.)

2. Equipment –¬†Do you have a reliable PC or laptop with a stable internet connection?¬† Owning a PC/laptop with internet access is a basic requirement if you want to work from home.¬† (Note: Sometimes employers are requiring minimum PC specs (e.g. 4GB memory) and internet speed (usually – at least 2Mbps.)

Depending on the job you’re applying to, you might also need a clear¬†webcam and a headset with a noise-cancelling¬†mic.

3. Computer software & applications¬†–¬†Do you have Microsoft office applications such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint? These are some of the basics that your computer must have and it’s an advantage if you are familiar to use these applications as well.¬† (Knowing how to use Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc. is becoming a common¬†requirement of employers too.)

4. Skills РAre you internet-savvy? Knows basic data entry, with decent English reading and writing skills? How about email and online research skills? If yes, then you have a chance to get online jobs right away.

Remember, more skills mean more income.¬† So to earn more, you have to invest in yourself and set aside a few hours a day to learn additional online skills. ūüôā

5. Attitude РAre you patient, disciplined and motivated enough to keep on applying until you get your dream home-based job?

Keep in mind that, just like in the “off-line” world, there’s a lot of competition so you might not get hired immediately. Just stay positive and keep on applying, especially if you have no other option but to work from home.

  Step #2. Create Online Accounts

These are just the basic online accounts that you need to set-up, enough to get you started.¬† Don’t worry as all of these require no registration fees:

1. Gmail Email Account – This is to separate your personal emails from business messages, account activation, job offers, updates, notifications, and other online-job related emails. A GMail email is preferred by most online job providers over Yahoo or Hotmail.

Click here to open a Gmail account.

Note: It is recommended that you create a professional looking email address, preferably based on your real name (e.g. 

2. Skype РMore and more employers are now requiring a Skype account from applicants as they prefer a Skype to Skype interview before hiring.  Once hired, these employers likewise prefer to use Skype (instead of chat or email) when communicating work-related instructions. So better download this app now and start familiarizing yourself with it.

Click here to download Skype.

3. Facebook¬†– Create a Facebook account. In the event that you already have one, which is most likely, ūüôā then the next thing you need to do is “clean it up”.¬† Employers today check FB accounts to get a glimpse of who you are based on your social media accounts particularly Facebook.

Note: According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process.

Click here to visit Facebook.

4. Paypal¬†– You need a PayPal account to receive payment from employers.¬† If you’re not yet familiar with Paypal, it is an online payment processor that can be used to send and receive money online.

Most employers, especially those who are based abroad, prefer to send payments via Paypal – so better create an account now.¬† Don’t worry, because unlike bank accounts,¬† you only need a valid email address and a working cellphone number to create a Paypal account. No need to make an initial deposit or submit documentation upon opening. (You can submit documents later when you need to verify your account.)

Click here to open a Paypal account.

Note:¬†Select the “BUY WITH PAYPAL” option when setting up your account. The other option is for online sellers or businesses.

5. Payoneer Рis very much similar to Paypal but with lower transaction fees. So if the employer you are working for, or if the platform that you are working on (e.g. Upwork) offer this payment option Рthen choose it over Paypal to save on fees.

Click this invite link to open a Payoneer account.


Step #3. Prepare Your Resume & Govt.-Issued ID 

Resume – Time to update your resume for submission or just for reference when you start creating your online profile/s. ūüôā¬† Having a ready resume will save you time and will help you create consistent information about yourself.

Government-Issued ID РIn line with KYC (or Know Your Customer) policy of the government, online sites started requiring its users to submit identification documents such as billing statement and a government-issued ID.  If you do not own one yet, the easiest (but costly) govt. ID to acquire is a Postal ID.

Visit this link to learn how to apply for a Postal ID.


Step #4. Search For Home-Based Jobs

Visit our Online Jobs page here to view available full-time and part-time home-based jobs as well as freelancer job sites that you can join to access more jobs.

Step #5. Apply – Start Working! ūüôā

Always complete your online profile before applying.  Provide a clear & professional-looking photo and always create an application letter for every job that you are applying to (i.e. Do not copy & paste application letters).  Read the job application instructions and follow it correctly.

Apply¬†to as many online jobs as you can and again please – apply only to jobs that you can really do.¬† Your online reputation can suffer greatly if you applied for a job, got accepted but were not able to deliver the work that’s expected of you.

Got accepted?

Start Working!

Strive to give quality service no matter what the pay. It will help you build a good reputation that eventually will lead to more clients. A good reputation will likewise enable you to command a higher pay rate for your services in the future

¬†That’s it!¬†Congratulations for going this far and good luck to your online career! ^_^

Additional Step…

Still waiting for replies from companies? While waiting you can…

1. Check out and join income opportunity programs found here. Most available programs offer alternative ways to earn online. Paid online tasks that you can do during your free time and does not require highly technical skills. Get paid in US Dollars, Euro, or in Bitcoins. OR

2. Check out our free online skills training courses here.  Invest in yourself Рlearn useful and lucrative skills that can help you earn more.

Got rejected?

Search for new jobs and apply again. If you think that you lack certain skills to land the job/s that you like then invest time to learn new useful online skills.

That’s it! ūüôā

Good Luck and God Bless!