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Title: Reminders to All New OJP Forum Members! :)
Post by: The Forum Admin on April 28, 2019, 02:20:49 PM
 :) To participate in our online skills training courses:

>> You can view the courses under the "OJP ACADEMY (https://onlinejobsphilippines.com/forum/index.php#c32)" and "OJP EXCLUSIVES (https://onlinejobsphilippines.com/forum/index.php#c33)" categories. (Sometimes you may need to create at least one post on any of the discussions at the forum to access certain courses.)

>> For each course, visit the "Read this first" post before starting - to know what the course is all about and how to participate.  (You may participate in any one or all of the courses available.)

>> For support regarding the lessons, join our FB Group here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ojpclub/) and message any of the admins or moderators.

 ;) To find and share online jobs and internet income opportunities:

>> Visit the "Online Jobs & Income Opportunities Discussions (https://onlinejobsphilippines.com/forum/index.php#c21)" to view available jobs and other online programs.

>> Post your job offer or recommended online program under the right topic or discussion.

Note: You may also find online jobs and internet opportunities on our main website here (https://onlinejobsphilippines.com/jobs/).

 :D To share or view other topics/discussions, you may visit the "MEMBERS LOUNGE" (https://onlinejobsphilippines.com/forum/index.php#c26).