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Reminders to All New OJP Forum Members! :)

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Reminders to All New OJP Forum Members! :)
« on: April 28, 2019, 02:20:49 PM »
 :) To participate in our online skills training courses:

>> You can view the courses under the "OJP ACADEMY" and "OJP EXCLUSIVES" categories. (Sometimes you may need to create at least one post on any of the discussions at the forum to access certain courses.)

>> For each course, visit the "Read this first" post before starting - to know what the course is all about and how to participate.  (You may participate in any one or all of the courses available.)

>> For support regarding the lessons, join our FB Group here and message any of the admins or moderators.

 ;) To find and share online jobs and internet income opportunities:

>> Visit the "Online Jobs & Income Opportunities Discussions" to view available jobs and other online programs.

>> Post your job offer or recommended online program under the right topic or discussion.

Note: You may also find online jobs and internet opportunities on our main website here.

 :D To share or view other topics/discussions, you may visit the "MEMBERS LOUNGE".
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