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Main OJP Site is Now Online! With New Features. :)

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Main OJP Site is Now Online! With New Features. :)
« on: January 18, 2019, 05:12:30 PM »
 ;) Main OJP is now back online with most pages up and complete.

However, our site is still undergoing changes so if you were not able to find the information that you were looking for, kindly visit the site again soon as we are still in the process of adding and updating pages. 

New features include (or will include):

  • Online Jobs Board - Members are allowed to submit job offers for posting;
  • Services Page - Online services that will be offered by OJP;
  • OJP Members Network - Page that will feature websites or blogs of OJP Members;
  • OJP Members Income Opportunity Page - Affiliate/referral program for members;
  • Download page of updated eBook guides (full and quick guide);
  • Built-in Blog - For online job-related articles, latest announcements, and guest posting opportunities for members. And more.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice day! :)
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