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Three Ways to Join OJP :)

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Three Ways to Join OJP :)
« on: May 06, 2018, 12:38:54 AM »
 :) 3 WAYS TO OJP! (Join 1 or All 3):

(1.) Join THE OJP FORUM:

The OJP Forum is our official community website and official online skills training venue.  To join, click the "REGISTER" button and fill-up the online form.  You will receive a confirmation email afterwards. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER >>  Due to spam incidents, please allow 6 to 18 hours BEFORE you login - to give time for our database to update.  Email forum@onlinejobsphilippines for support if you still can't login after 24 hours.

(2.) Join our Exclusive Facebook Group (The OJP Club):

Visit our FB Group and join >> https://www.facebook.com/groups/ojpclub
You can post inquiries at said FB group, get early updates, and socialize with other members.
(Like of Follow our Official Facebook Page here - if you just want news/updates via FB.)

(3.) Join or Subscribe to our Email Newsletter:

If you just want to receive regular email updates from OJP without joining our online communities. Click HERE to subscribe.


NOTE: If you are a returning OJP member and forgot your username &/or password, visit this page, type in the email address associated with your OJP Forum account, then check your email for instructions on how to retrieve your access information.  Thanks.
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