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5 New Hottest Online Jobs

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5 New Hottest Online Jobs
« on: May 14, 2012, 10:26:42 AM »
These are the newest online jobs available

1. Maverick Money Makers Club

2. Surveys 4 Checks

3. Express Paid Surveys

4. Legit Online Jobs

5. Let's Get Social

They are rated based on the following criteria:

Best Online Jobs Ratings Criteria
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The criteria utilized to compile the Top 5 Online Jobs for 2012 consisted of reviews and evaluations of current work from home jobs for 13 factors. All scores were rounded to the nearest ¼ percentage point. Work-at-home programs were rated on a 1–100 scale for:
1. Price:

Does the initial cost present an unreasonable impediment for students, the unemployed or persons living on a fixed income?
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2. Value:

Does the information provided represent a significant value?
3. Success Rate:

What percentage of committed program participants will be successful at earning part time or full time income while working from home?
4. Learning Curve:

Does the program require the average participant to learn advanced skills that might cause an unreasonable delay in their ability to earn a paycheck from the program?
5. Ease of Implementation:

Would the average person be able to master the required skill set?
6. Speed of Implementation:

How long will it take the average committed participant to earn the first paycheck once the required skill set is in place?
7. Practicality:

Can the successful participant earn a significant-part-time income or comfortable full-time living without having to makes sales calls or do any in-person selling?
8. Scalability:

Can the program be used to multiply participants' earnings beyond their own efforts? Can a committed participant duplicate the systems taught to earn multiple income streams with limited additional effort?
9. Marketability of Skill Set:

Can the skill set taught be used to earn a significant part-time income or comfortable full-time living in the traditional job market or offline employment?
10. Geographic/Physical Limitations:

Assuming access to a home computer and the internet, can the program be used anywhere in the world? Can persons who face difficulties with the physical requirements of traditional employment benefit?
11. Adaptability of Employment:

Can the program be used to earn both part time and full time income?
12. Satisfaction:

How satisfied were committed participants with their purchases?
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13. Payoff:

What type of result should a successful participant expect from the program? Can the fully-committed participant make use of the program to replace traditional employment and grow

Source:  http://www.top5onlinejobs.com/