Collecting Digital Coins Online (Edited 4.19.2021)

EDITED: April 19, 2021

NOTE: This course has ended but lessons/activities are still available for future learners. Read more below…


Collecting free digital coins (or crypto currencies) is probably one of the easiest ways to earn online but only if you know what to collect, where to collect, and how to turn your collected coins into real cash that you can actually spend, save, or keep as investment.

We offered a similar course in 2016 and 2018 but this time around >> we are going to collect more type of digital coins and introduce more fun ways to collect it.

And – just like all of the previous OJP training courses OJP, this one is likewise FREE! No registration or joining fees and you don’t need to buy any product in order to participate.

The only thing that you need to invest is your time and focus. All Filipinos who want to learn crypto currencies and make extra income in the process – are very much welcome to join.


1.) Expect to learn about Bitcoin and other worthwhile crypto currencies that you can collect online for free.

2.) Learn how you can get free cryptos for doing simple online tasks such as:

  • Viewing online ads;
  • Reading posts or articles;
  • Doing captchas;
  • Playing games; and more.

3.) Learn about ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), airdrops, etc.

4.) Learn about crypto mining by playing an online mining simulation game.

5.) Find out how you can turn your collected coins into >> real cash, a long-term investment, an emergency fund, or even a retirement fund.



1. Join our exclusive Facebook group (OJP Club). Click here.

2. Visit the FB group daily from March 22 to 26, 2021 to access the links to the lessons/activities.  Visit the club and browse discussions/posts/announcements. Visit the links to the lessons/activities and start learning.

3. (Optional) Learning is fun with a friend so kindly share this post to your friends and family whom you think will also be interested to participate in the training.

That’s it, have fun learning! 🙂