(Edited March 14, 2021)

Free Online Skills Training Courses

You MUST Learn Online Skills…
>> to become a more competitive online worker,
>> to increase chances of getting hired,
>> to have an additional skill set, and
>> to EARN MORE!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
– Benjamin Franklin –

Working from home has become the safest option to earn for most Filipinos because of the unexpected pandemic.  Unfortunately, not all Filipinos are ready and equipped with the right online skill set to be able to work and earn from home.

The good news is – you can learn these useful online skills from the comforts of your home for FREE – as long as you have a desktop, laptop, or tablet that can connect to the internet.

Since 2011, OJP has been providing online skills training courses yearly to interested Filipinos.  These courses are totally free and comes with an online mentor.  All you need is to register, take note of the schedule, show up at the online venue when training starts, and start learning. 🙂

For 2021, we will be offering 2 training seasons to make up for our absence last year. Scroll below for the schedule and other details.

(2021 – Part 1) – New Schedule

1. Collecting Digital Coins Online  – March 14 to 18, 2021 >> March 22 to 26, 2021

Learn how to collect free digital coins from various internet places. Digital coins that you can trade for real cash, use as emergency fund, or just keep it for investment.

2. Affiliate Marketing Using GPT Sites  – April 18 to 22, 2021 >> April 19 to 23, 2021

Start earning passively with the power of affiliate marketing.  Learn about online affiliate programs and how to promote them without bothering your friends/relatives and without spending a single centavo for marketing ads.

3. Basic Blogging Using the New Blogger Platform – May 16 to 27, 2021 >> May 17 to 21, 2021

Yes, blogging is still relevant.  Learn how to set-up a basic blog website where you can promote your affiliate programs and start earning even while you sleep.  Improve your writing skills while earning extra from blogging.



Step 1 – Join our exclusive Facebook Group here.

Step 2 – Pick a course, take note of the schedule then visit the FB group when training starts. Lessons are to be posted daily before noon.

Step 3 – (Optional) Learning is fun with a friend so kindly share this post to your friends and family whom you think will also be interested to participate in the training.




Due to a very recent issues on our old forum, we have decided to shut it down and create a new one.  It will be ready by March 22, 2021, in time for our first online skills training.

We will be posting the lessons/activities at the new OJP Forum.  We will be making the courses public this year so you don’t have to register to access the training modules/lessons.


Note: For the first course – Collecting Digital Coins Online, we will also be using the PublishOx platform.  Just like at the forum – you don’t have to register an account at PublishOx to access the lessons but if you want to earn extra crypto coins while learning then it’s better to create an account (it’s also free anyway ^_^). Learn more about PublishOx here.



Online Skills Training Courses (Part 2) – Tentative

  1. Where and How to Find Home-Based Jobs – September 2021
  2. How to Earn Using YouTube – October 2021
  3. Online Selling Using Shopee – November 2021

NOTE: Part 2 list of courses & schedule is tentative and may change depending on the resource availability.


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