Earn Cryptos For Reading and/or Writing Online

Earn Crypto For Reading and Writing

PublishOx is an online platform where you can earn digital or crypto currencies for…

  1. Reading posts;
  2. Writing posts;
  3. Joining writing contests; and for
  4. participating in PublishOx’s Ambassador program.



Earning here is based on “tipping”. 


PublishOx is a website where you can find articles about anything – but currently posts here are mostly crypto-related.  To earn from reading, you have to be a registered member.

As a registered member – reader, you can earn here by giving tips to up to 6 authors a day. The tips are free and come from PublishOx’s “rewards pool”. It also comes in the form of crypto coins such as Ethereum and other featured crypto coins.

You also get to choose how much tip you will give to the author and how much will you keep for yourself.  20% is the minimum tip you can give while 80% is the maximum that you can keep.

You can withdraw your tips to your preferred wallet as soon as you earned $2.00.


  • Maximum number of times you can tip in a day is six.
  • After tipping, you have to wait for 10 minutes to be able to give tips again.
  • You can only tip the same author/author once a day. You have to wait for 24 hours to be able to tip that same author again.
  • For the same author but different article – you have to wait for an hour (maximum is 2 tips/author/day).
  • Tips are not accumulative – unused tips will not be added to your tips the next day.



You have to apply (and get approved) to become a PublishOx author.  Don’t worry as they are not that strict when approving new authors.  You just show them an online article that you created, it can be a blog post or a social media post – as long as it’s long enough to help them determine your writing ability or style.

Once approved, you can earn tips from your posts indefinitely but you can only create up to 5 posts a day.

Although at first glance, PublishOx seem to be a site for crypto-related articles, you can write pretty much about any topic.  If you already have posts on your own blog, you can re-post it on PublishOx and earn money from it.  Becoming an author here is very helpful in marketing your blog, website, brand, or advocacy.

And YES, they allow referral links. 🙂  Just don’t flood your post with too much of it, maybe a maximum of three.


From time to time, PublishOx holds writing contests (like the one above) – where winning authors can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  All PublishOx authors can join as long as they follow the writing contest rules.



PublishOx’s Ambassador program is basically a referral program.

Earn 5% of every tip generated by your referrals using the tipper at the bottom of each article. This includes both the tip to the author and the amount claimed by your referral. (Source: PublishOx Ambassador Program page.)

The 5% that you will get from your referrals are not deducted from your referrals’ earnings. They come directly from PublishOx and being given to ambassadors as bonuses. 🙂

PublishOx also have a monthly “leaderboard” contest where ambassadors can win up to $40 for referring new active members.


Click on the image below or this invite link to register.