How to Avoid Online Job Scams

Five Helpful Tips to Avoid Online Job Scams :

1. Use common sense!

Avoid websites/job offers/internet programs that offer unrealistic claims. The general rule is >> If the offer is too good to be true – it probably is.

Examples of Scam Ads:

“Earn $10 for every 30-second task.”
“Earn $10 per online ad viewed. ”
“Guaranteed home job for $1500 weekly.”

Above are just a few examples of unrealistic claims.  Now, what company (or website owners) in their right mind would really give you these kinds of offers?  Don’t be greedy and use your common sense.

2. Avoid paying fees just to get online jobs.

Even in the “off-line” world, companies that require you to pay certain fees before giving you a job always sends a red flag.

There are hundreds of online jobs that you can apply to for free at popular online job freelancing sites like or  Joining mentioned sites is also free so avoid sites that require you to pay registration fees before giving you jobs.

3.  Search for online jobs at legitimate sources.

Don’t just “google” online jobs because most likely you’ll end up finding scams. Instead, visit established and reputable sites like,, or other online job marketplaces that have been online for many years.

4. Do background checking.

Always conduct simple online research on the company or online job that you are interested in.  Read online reviews and look for customers’ feedback.

Companies that offer legitimate online jobs/internet programs are very transparent when it comes to their contact details, office location, and other important company details.  Avoid joining or dealing with sites that lack important company information.

Check online community forums and ask around.  People who got scammed usually share their bad experiences thru forums, blogs or social media sites.

and lastly,

5. Avoid “get-rich-quick” schemes.

There is no such thing period! 

Remember, online jobs or earning online is neither quick or easy.  People who believe otherwise are usually the ones that get scammed.

Always Remember:

Knowledge is power – Educate yourself! 🙂