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Online Skills Training
  • >> become a more competitive online worker,
  • >> get hired & start working from home, and
  • >> increase your online income source.

  • "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
  • - Benjamin Franklin -
If working from home is your only option to earn right now, then you really have to learn more online skills >> to help you become more competitive, get hired easily, and earn a decent income to support your family.

YOU REALLY HAVE NO EXCUSE NOT TO LEARN. If you have a PC, laptop or tablet that can access the internet, then you can start learning now. :)

JOIN ONE OR ALL of the following free courses online. Learn at your own pace & time in the comforts of your home. (Click on your preferred course to learn more.)

(1.) Blogging for Fun & Profits Training (15-Days)

(2.) Online Marketing Training (10-Days)

(3.) Online Jobs Hunting Training (5-Days)

(4.) Set-up your semi-online businesses - eLoading, bayad center & remittance service. (5-Days)

(5.) Earn US Dollars/Euro/Bitcoin for doing simple tasks online. (5-Days)

(6.) TREE HOUSE - Learn online skills that can triple your online income. (7-Days Free Trial)

Having a blog and blogging skills can help you earn active and passive income (earn even while you sleep). Blogging can help improve your internet skills and your English writing skills as well.

This 15-day blog training will guide you to set-up a fully functional blog via, Google's free blog publishing tool. Learn how to create a blog post and how to make it interesting to online readers. Know how to insert photos and videos, how to customize your blog using banners, logo and templates.

Access useful blogging tools and resources. Know techniques to promote your blog. Learn how to use social media and other sites to increase your blog's online presence.

Learn the different blog-related income opportunities. Receive regular and unlimited passive income from your blog. Earn $5.00 to $10.00 per hour (part time) and $400.00 & up monthly (full time) from your blogging skills.

Visit this link to learn how to join.

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Learn the basics of online marketing. Know the different income opportunities available to internet marketers. And, find out why is there a huge and increasing demand for this online skill.

Work as an online marketer home-based or office-based. Receive P20,000 to P50,000 and up monthly salary as a full time office-based online marketer. Earn $5.00 to $10.00 per hour part time and up to $600.00 monthly full time.

For Bloggers and Website Owners - Learn how to reach your target market and increase your site's traffic using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

For Virtual Assistants (V.A.s) & Online Freelancers - Learn an "in-demand" online skill that can help you get more clients and a higher pay rate.

For Business Owners - Reach a wider market and attract new customers. Get online exposure for your business and market your products/services online - 24 hours a day.

Visit this link to learn how to join.

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Work as a Virtual Assistant or Online Freelancer using your current skills. Earn $3.00 & up per hour part time and $400.00 & up monthly full time while working from home.

This 5-day training will guide you where to find legitimate employers and real online jobs. Learn the basic requirements to work from home and how to increase your chances of getting online employment.

Know how to create your online profile & resume. Learn tips and tricks to get your first online job. Learn how to withdraw your online earnings and more.

Visit this link to learn how to join.

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Set-up your eLoading, mini-bayad center, and remittance service businesses with the help of and the Bitcoin technology. Learn how to start your business with no or low capital.

No need to buy any hardware and you dont have to download/install any software. You can use your existing PC, laptop, tablet, smart or android phones to manage the business. The system is very user-friendly and internet newbie-friendly as well.

No registration or set-up fees, no franchise fees, and no royalties to pay. You even receive a welcome cash bonus to try the system. You can use the bonus to eLoad your phone or start your eLoading business.

An online guide about this business opportunity has already been published here. Joining this course will give you access to online support from OJP and club members.

Visit this link to learn how to join.

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Learn online places or websites where you can do simple tasks and earn a few pennies, Euro, and Bitcoin units - day or night - during your spare time. No technical skills required!

These sites are commonly known as GPT sites (or "Get Paid To") - sites where you can get paid to do simple online tasks such as >> visit websites, answer short surveys, play games, invite friends to join, and other similar tasks.

No investment, no membership or registration fees required. You are free to join, participate, earn and withdraw your earnings. This is practically free money from the internet. Recommended for Filipinos who are always online and wanted to do something productive with their time.

Visit this link to learn how to join.

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For Individual Learners - Treehouse provides an online learning system to help you learn technical skills that can boost your existing career and double or triple your present salary. Treehouse offers hundreds of courses ideal for all levels >> beginners, intermediate and advanced.

For Companies or Business Owners - Let Treehouse train your employees in a place where you can monitor their progress - at the office! It's practical and cost effective too.

Register & Try Treehouse Courses - Free for 7 Days.
Courses includes...

>> HTML, CSS, Design, WordPress, JavaScript,

>> iOS, Android, Development Tools, Python, Java,

>> PHP, Ruby, C#, Databases, Data Analysis,

>> Game Development, Virtual Reality, and more.

Learn at your own pace and during your most convenient time. Access up-to-date lessons, visual guides, well-prepared videos, quizzes and other activities for easy but effective online learning experience.

Visit this link to register or learn more about Treehouse.

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There are many ways to earn from home aside from having an online job. You can blog and publish ads, engage in affiliate marketing or sell something online. And for any of the above mentioned activities - you will be needing a functional website.

With a small investment of just P6,000 or only P500 a month you'll have the opportunity to earn P50,000 or more per year, plus you'll get to...

>> Own a website with domain & hosting,
>> Set-up your own customized email,
>> Learn to blog using WordPress,
>> Learn internet marketing,
>> Learn Search Engine Optimization,
>> Learn to create marketing tools,
>> Sell your products/services online,
>> Grow your own online community,
>> Earn while you sleep by publishing ads,
>> Access to a year of full online support and a lot more! ^_^

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