We will be accepting applicants (3rd Batch) starting September 1, 2016!
This is an opportunity to train/learn how to set-up, promote and manage your own money-making website. Online training starts on December 1, 2016 . LIMITED SLOTS ONLY!

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Online Business Opportunity Page

There are other ways to earn from the internet aside from having an online job. You can...

>> Blog and publish paid ads.

>> Become a freelance affiliate marketer and earn unlimited commissions.

>> Sell your products or services online.

>> Or if you already own an existing business, you can use a website to reach a wider market and grow your business.

As the internet population continues to increase in a steady pace, so are your chances to earn online. And one way to earn extra income online is to have your own functional money-making website.

If you are serious in having a money-making website, you got to have a functional website. Though having a great website design is always a good way to start - it is not always a guarantee that it will be an online success.

But what makes a website functional?
A website is considered functional if it has (at least) the following qualities:

>> Includes basic essential pages like - About page, products/services page and contact page.

>> Content is easy to understand - user and search engine friendly.

>> Fast-loading, easy to navigate and with no broken links.

>> Responsive design - can fit nicely to all types of device (PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone).

>> Social media friendly.

Initial Cost (1st Year) = Just PhP 6,000.00 or only PhP500 a month.

Annual Fee (Succeeding Years) = Just PhP 3,600.00 or only around PhP300 a month.


>> Domain name registration (your own www dot com website name).
>> Hosting (5GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, cPanel, and others).
>> Wordpress installation and customization.
>> Weekly back-up of files.
>> Wordpress set-up/maintenance tutorials & support.
>> Basic SEO (search Engine Optimization) training.
>> Basic online marketing training.
>> Marketing tools creation support (logo, banner, icons, ebooks)
>> Installation of Google Analytics.
>> Social media integration.


>> Start your own money-making website.
>> Sell your products and/or services online.
>> Earn while you sleep by publishing ads on your website.
>> Start and grow your own online community like OJP.
>> Have the opportunity to help others thru your website.
>> Access to unlimited online support.
>> Learn blogging, SEO, internet marketing and related online skills - special skills that can help you land a high-paying job online and offline. Plus a lot more! ^_^

You will never find a more comprehensive and more affordable learn/train/earn opportunity like this one. SLOTS ARE LIMITED TO 10 FILIPINO PARTICIPANTS PER YEAR ONLY!

You can start by sending us an email at and please include the following details in your message:

>> What kind of website do you like to have (blogging, marketing, selling, etc.)
>> Is this going to be your first time to have a website? If not, please mention your existing website.
>> Are you presently employed or engaged in business?
>> Are you planning to personally maintain the site? (full-time or part-time?) and lastly,
>> Your name and location (Metro Manila? province?)

A reservation fee of PhP1,000 is required. Payable via Paypal,, or thru banks (PNB, BPI or Unionbank). The reservation fee will be deducted from the training fee. Refunds are allowed two (2) weeks before training starts. Full payment must likewise be paid two (2) weeks before training starts.

Send your application letter via We will give more details (i.e. training fee discounts, more freebies, how to pay, etc.) in our reply.

Only ten (10) slots available. Training will start as scheduled whether all slots are filled or not. :)

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