About Us:

Online Jobs Philippines or OJP is a non-profit online support group for all Filipinos around the world who are now working online or those who are interested to learn how to work and earn from the comfort of their homes via the internet.

OUR ADVOCACY IS TO SPREAD ONLINE JOBS AWARENESS TO FILIPINOS. We provide free online tutorials, easy to follow guides, tips & tricks, and techniques to maximize your online earning activities.

We are not an employment agency and we likewise do not hire in behalf of other companies. We merely recommend trusted sites & worthwhile internet programs.

Get-rich-quick schemes, ponzi or pyramiding scams, and marketing hypes.

Mission & Vision:

Our MISSION is to spread awareness among Filipinos everywhere that online jobs or homebased work is a viable option to earn income, enough to sustain oneself and the whole family as well;

To encourage other Pinoy veteran online workers to join us >> help us in helping fellow Pinoys learn and earn from the internet and >> help us find ways to develop a sustainable program that will benefit all Filipino online workers and their families; and

To run a successful virtual office and an actual office as well, where Filipinos can easily visit, learn everything about online jobs & internet income opportunities, and eventually get good employment &/or income source. And,

To become the first government-recognized independent online skills training provider in the Philippines.

Our VISION: To become the Philippines' (and Filipinos' around the globe's) leading resource for online skills training and online jobs & internet income opportunities.

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Terms of Service:


OJP does not share member's information to third parties. Only OJP Admin have access to view any of your account or information. We do not spam. All emails sent to members are notifications about special updates and important notices. Members can freely subscribe and unsubscribed from OJP email notifications.


Complaints on the failure of products and services offered by companies/sites recommended by OJP should be directly addressed to the companies/sites that provided them and not with OJP. However, we will try our best to assist members in resolving issues with problematic sites.

Changes in Terms:

The terms listed above can change without prior notice. Additional "terms" may or maybe added in the future as this site continues to develop.

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