Blog & Web Development Training Course 2019

Free Blog and Web Development Training 2019

FREE Blog & Web Development Training (Updated 5.31.19)

March 4 to April 12, 2018

NOTE: Mentored training has ended but all lessons, activities, discussions, etc. are still accessible at the OJP Forum for the benefit of future learners.

This course will help you set-up your own hybrid website (i.e. a regular website and blog in one). It is a step-by-step training-tutorial on how to create a fully functional site using (Google’s free blog publishing tool).

This course is totally free – all online tools and resources needed to create a complete site will be provided to you at no monetary cost.  All you need is to invest 1 to 2 hours of your day during the training season.

Learn at your own pace and time – but you must complete all the lessons within the training duration period to avail of the free mentorship.

Participants will be guided throughout the course duration. (You will be learning directly from the creator of OJP.) 🙂

Read more about this course below:

Blog and Web Development Training Details

Course Details:

WHAT: 30-Day Blog & Web Development Training

(6 Weeks, Monday to Friday, 1 to 2 hours a day)

WHERE: Online – At the OJP Community Forum Site

WHEN: March 4 to April 12, 2019


Objectives of the Course:

To teach participants…

  • How to set-up a fully functional website with a blog – using Google’s Blogger Platform;
  • How to acquire active and passive income from blogging and web development; and
  • Where to find home-based blogging and web development jobs.

Who Should Join:

  • Stay-at-home individuals – who want to create a website for a hobby, or for a business that they wanted to set up.
  • Students – who wanted to add a very useful online skillset that can help them earn extra.
  • Employees – who want to boost their career by learning valuable digital skills.
  • Entrepreneurs – who wanted to create a professional looking business website with no monetary cost.
  • PWDs or Persons With Disabilities – whose only option to earn is by working from home.

Course Outline Highlights:

  • Finding a niche for your blog/website.
  • Setting up your responsive site with free custom domain and SSL.
  • Adding website key elements/pages.
  • Customizing your site to showcase your brand.
  • Creating online content.
  • Introduction to SEO (basic on and off-page).
  • Creating marketing tools for promotion (e.g. eBooks, ads, etc.)
  • Installing site metrics (Google Analytics)
  • Basic Facebook and online marketing for your site.
  • Access to free online resources to support your blogging and web development career.
  • How to find clients online, and MORE!

Basic Requirements to Join:

All interested Pinoys are welcome to join as long as you’re willing to learn and must…

  • be able to read, understand, and follow simple instructions in both English and Filipino.
  • have access to a PC desktop or laptop as all lessons/guides are developed for desktop and laptop users only.
  • devote 1 to 2 hours a day to complete the day’s lessons/activities/assignments.

Online Training Process:

>> The OJP community forum is our online training venue so you need to be a member of the forum to participate in the training.

>> When training starts – 1 lesson will be posted daily before noon, from Monday to Friday for 6 weeks.

>> During the training duration, you are required to log in to your forum account, view the day’s lessons, and do the required activity or assignment. You can do this after the lesson has been posted – during your free time – any time of the day or night.

Note: There will be no lessons on Saturdays and Sundays.  You can use these days to catch up – should you missed a training day during the weekdays.

How to Join:

This is a free training opportunity BUT we prefer serious and active participants only.  So in order to gain such participants, we are requiring applicants to complete the following steps in order to be accepted.

Steps are actually easy, all you need is a Facebook account and prove that you know how to follow instructions. 🙂

(UPDATED May 31, 2019)

  • STEP 1 (Optional) >> Share our FB post regarding this free training on your Facebook timeline then tag a friend or relative that you think will also be interested in the training. (Learning is more fun when done with a friend.) 🙂
  • STEP 2 >> Like our FB page here to get updates and join our FB Group here so you can get news/updates/support.
  • STEP 3 >> Register a forum account here.

(REMINDER AFTER YOU REGISTER: Due to spam registration incidents, please allow 6 to 24 hours BEFORE you log in – to give time for our database to update. Email forum@onlinejobsphilippines for support if you still can’t log in after 24 hours.)

  • STEP 4 >> Log in to your forum account, go to “OJP EXCLUSIVES” board and start the training.

Other Important Matters:

Now here’s the Good news and bad news:

The GOOD NEWS >> This is going to be the most comprehensive blog and web development training course ever from OJP! It will include all the trade secrets, tips & tricks in developing a basic but complete functional website and blog in one.

The BAD NEWS >> This is our LAST mentored Blogger/Blogspot training course. 🙁  So it’s your last chance to train with a mentor for FREE and learn directly from the creator of OJP. ^_^

That’s it!

Looking forward to meeting you at the training. God bless! 🙂