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Are you looking for a full-time job that you can do while at home with your kids? Or are you one of the many Filipinos looking for a 2nd job, part-time work, or any extra income opportunity program that you can participate in - without leaving your present job?

Today, there are thousands of homebased jobs & internet programs found on the internet and most
of the time - does not even require computer programming or highly technical skills. Visit our online jobs section to know more about the many ways you can do to earn online.

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Join our friendly online community with Filipino members from all over the world - helping each other learn and earn from the internet.

  • >> We are a non-profit organization dedicated to provide online support to Filipino internet workers.
  • >> We provide free online skills training, ebooks and other tools/resources to help you get started.
  • >> We are not an employment agency - we only recommend sites where you can find online jobs.
  • >> We are "internet newbie-friendly" and have veteran online workers that can support newbies.
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If you are committed to learn and earn online then you are welcome to join us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic skills needed to get online work?

You need to have basic internet skills (knows how to email, copy & paste text, research online using google search, etc.), must be able to construct simple English sentences and most importantly, you should know how to follow basic English instructions.

How much can I earn working online?

It depends on your skills OR willingness to learn new skills. The truth is - you can earn as much as those who are working in a regular office (or even more!), enough to pay all your monthly bills and expenses. Below are some of the average income of online workers:

>> Call Center Agents: P15,000 and Up Monthly Salary (full-time)
>> Transcriptionists: P10,000 and Up Monthly Salary (full or part-time)
>> Virtual Assistants: $300 - $500/Mo. full-time & $2 - $10/hr. part-time
>> English Tutors: P12,000 and Up Monthly Salary (full-time)
>> Web Designers: Average of $100 to $500 per website (part-time)
>> Writers: Average of $5 to $50 per article (part-time)
>> Other Freelance Jobs (Data Entry, Proofreader, Researcher, Marketer, others):
     Ave. of $20-$50/project or $2-$10/hr.

Do I need to pay to get an online job?

NO, most online job opportunities are free to join. DO NOT join sites that ask for membership fees in order for them to give you work. There are hundreds of companies that provide jobs and earning programs for free.

Can I still work online even if I'm not a computer expert?
Is there an easy online job for me?

Yes. There are lots of internet companies that pay online participants for doing simple online tasks, such as:

>> Viewing online ads - popularly known as PTC (the most easiest internet sideline),
>> Signing-up (in various memberships or online programs),
>> Posting comments (in online message boards, forums or blogs), and
>> Tweeting, liking a Facebook page, bookmarking a website, social networking sites, and other online tasks

Although above jobs are "low & slow-earners", they are still the best paid "on-the-job training" that you can get while still looking for real online work, as most of the tasks involved here are considered as SEO work, a skill that can help you land a good paying freelance job in the future.

Visit our online jobs section to know more about the many ways you can do to earn online.

How do I get paid?

Most online companies, especially those located abroad, prefer to pay via Paypal (and/or other online payment processors like Payza, Neteller, etc.). On the other hand, Philippine-based sites prefer to remit salaries/payments thru local banks (ex. BPI, BDO, etc.).

What if I don't have a Paypal account?

Paypal is a widely-used online payment processor and not having a Paypal account can considerably reduce your chances to participate in a lot of online earning programs/opportunities. So better get one now. :) It only takes a few minutes to set-up a Paypal account. It's free, and unlike banks - no maintaning balance required. All you need is a valid email address and a working mobile no. to register.

Do you hire online workers?

No, we do not hire online workers and likewise does not hire in behalf of other companies or websites. We only provide online job listings and recommend the best legitimate paying companies or websites based on research, online reviews, feedback and OJP members' own online work experiences.

What other FREE services do you offer?

Aside from our free online skills training, we also provide online tutorials, "Work-at-Home" orientations, e-book guides, etc. We give online support and assistance in almost all aspects related to online work/jobs. We also give consultation to Pinoys who are interested to set-up their own websites for personal or business use.

I'm interested, how and where do I start?

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There are many ways to earn from home aside from having an online job. You can blog and publish ads, engage in affiliate marketing or sell something online. And for any of these activities - you will be needing a functional website.

Setting-up your home business website will only cost you P5,000 on your first year (less 40% succeeding years). A small investment that will give you an opportunity to earn 10 times or even more.

You earn while you learn and experience how it is to own a money-making website.


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